Perioperative EP Training Videos

The lectures recorded below cover many of the principles related to Perioperative Electrophysiology. You should watch each lecture prior to moving to the next step in the credentialing process. The lectures are recorded using Camtasia Software—thus each lecture is essentially a live lecture in which you will hear my voice and watch the slides and videos. It is easy to pause any lecture and return to finish at your convenience. Some of the lectures are regrettably a little long; for that I apologize in advance. Importantly, if you have a question about the lecture, please feel free to contact me in the OR, or by email at [email protected]

For printable PDF handouts of lecture slides, click next to any video.

Lecture 1: Pacer Anatomy and Physiology
Lecture 2: Pacemaker Capture
Lecture 3: Pacemaker Sensing
Lecture 4: Fusion and Pseudofusion Beats
Lecture 5: Pacemaker Modes 1
Lecture 6: Pacemaker Modes 2
Lecture 7: Pacemaker Modes 3
Lecture 8: Pacemaker Timing Cycles
Lecture 9: Pacers and the EKG and CXR
Lecture 10: Pacemakers and Magnets Part 1
Lecture 11: Pacemakers and Magnets Part 2
Lecture 12: Pacemakers and Magnets Part 3
Lecture 13: Rate Response Mode
Lecture 14: Auto Mode Switch
Lecture 15: Sleep Modes and Hysteresis
Lecture 16: Minimizing Vent Pacing Modes
Lecture 17: Rate Drop Response and Noise Reversion Mode
Lecture 18: Periop Management of ICDs Revised October 2020
Lecture 19: Sub-Q ICD
Lecture 20: Electrocautery and Pacemakers
Lecture 21: Interrogation Lecture Part 1
Lecture 22: Interrogation Lecture Part 2